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Greenery Sales Have Begun Greenery Sales Have Begun

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Greenery Sales Have Begun

Posted by: Troop673Webmaster on Tue, Oct 1, 2019

All orders DUE November 5th

‘Tis the season to sell Greenery!

It is once again time for the Troop Greenery Sale.  Our printed materials were handed out at Monday’s meeting.  If you missed the meeting, please let me know so I can get the order forms to you. This is an important fundraiser, so do your best for yourself and the Troop! 

The greenery makes wonderful holiday displays as well as gifts for family, friends, and business associates.  Parents are allowed to sell as well – email sales make things easy. 

Some important things to note…

There are two types of delivery.  The first is local delivery where all the greenery will be shipped to the community center for each scout to pick up and hand deliver.  The second is direct delivery.  Pricing for direct delivery was decreased this year in an effort to increase sales.  The direct delivery items cover shipping costs as these can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door.  This works well for gifts being sent to family, friends and business associates who live out of town.  With direct delivery, you will need to fill out an address label so the greenery company knows where to ship the order. 

Please take time to review the flyer and become familiar with what you are selling. 

Dress in Class A – it makes a difference. 

Make sure to take along a pen and clipboard – A scout is prepared! 

Introduce yourself and identify yourself as a Boy Scout with St. Cecilia’s Troop 673. 

Follow safety guidelines and have fun selling!

Online Sales –

In addition to door to door sales, our online minisite allows us to sell and ship to others too.  The online system works well through email so you can let family and friends who may not live close to you know about this fundraiser.

Most of you are already in the system as registered sellers.  If you know you are already registered, you are ready to share our Troop’s minisite with friends and family.  Our site is If you use this link to share with family and friends, please make sure to ask them to choose your name in the “select the seller” box so you will get credit for the sale. 

If you are new to the troop or have not registered yet, please see the online order entry instructions attachment to register.

You will need to enter your in-person orders online in addition to turning in your order forms/envelope.  The Online Order Entry Instructions attachment should walk you through this process step by step.  It will be easier to get all this data into the system if you enter the orders as you sell them.  If you are a new scout, or parent, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can get your son set up in the system and to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks in advance for all of your hard work in making the greenery sales a successful troop fundraiser!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Julie Broussard